Video War: Custom Content

Any custom files you select are not uploaded to the server, this means the files you select are loaded directly from the device.
If you want the video you selected is not reset, you can use a template or use an online file instead of a local file.

We have provided video templates and online file fields as a solution. In this tutorial we will cover how to upload your files to a third party service and upload them to the server.

There are several services that you can use, here is a list:
- Web Hosting (paid service)
- File Hosting (paid/free service)

In this tutorial, we will use the free service from

First, prepare the file to be uploaded then open
Select the file you want to upload.

Once your file is uploaded, you will get a link to your file.

Right-click on the file you want to retrieve the URL for. Then click Copy URL or Copy Link.

Return to the Video War application, click the column you want to replace the video with.
Use an image file for the cover column, and a video file for the video column.
After that, click Save Changes. The video you just uploaded will load and play.