How to Prevent TikTok Live Limitation

Recently, TikTok has tightened up the Live stream regulations on their platform even more. TikTok detects violations from the words we say as well as the graphics / writing that are in our live stream. The following are the prohibitions that are common or often violated by streamers.

Avoid solicitations for interaction gift, follow, share, etc

Often we invite our viewers to send gifts, and tell our viewers to follow, share, etc. If you do this too often, you may get a warning about limiting your live stream. TikTok prohibits you from manipulating viewers to send gifts to you. Avoid saying or writing that contains words of invitation to send gifts, follow, share, etc.

Avoid words that lead to follow-to-follow activities

TikTok strictly prohibits follow-to-follow activities when live streaming, therefore avoid words related to this such as: catch, grow, coins, increase, etc.

Avoid views or images that don't move / freeze / don't change at all

When you do a live stream, your image or display must always be moving, if you only display the background or the game you are playing has no visitors, please pause or stop your live stream. You can start your live stream again at prime time or hours that are crowded with viewers.

Avoid displays/images featuring minors (under 18 yo)

TikTok does not allow streamers to display photos or graphics or displays of minors, please avoid this.

Avoid displaying images or gift icons such as roses, coffee, whales, lions, etc.

TikTok does not allow us to ask viewers to send gifts. Avoid displaying icons or gift images on our live streams.

Avoid harsh words or graphic violence

Harsh words or violent displays or graphics are strictly prohibited on the TikTok platform, if you commit this violation then your live access can be revoked. Avoid harsh words and graphic violence.

Mute notifications if you live with the Mobile Gaming option

When you go live with the same cellular option, your entire screen will be recorded and the audience can see the entire contents of your mobile screen. You will get a warning if a notification appears when you live stream. Please mute or silence notifications with the do not disturb, DnD, etc. features.

Use copyright-free music

If you want to play music in the background, please choose songs that do not contain copyright.